Thursday, December 25, 2008

Road Tripped

Had a little trouble on the way to Thunderhill this morning. Hit some black ice near Dupont on I-5 and spun off the freeway into a gully. We rolled at least once. The truck is almost certainly totaled. The trailer looks like a refugee from trailer park attacked by a tornado. The race car looks like it's been beaten with baseball bats and crowbars, but it survived. It ripped free of all of it's straps and landed on its wheels on the wall of the trailer. It wasn't fun, but I limped it home under its own power after the wreckers towed the remnants of the truck and trailer away.


Somewhere underneath this wreckage is a rather startled little French car. Notice the checker board "wall" that used to be the "floor".

Nice lift kit, huh? I'll be all but invisible in Kent now!

Broken and battered, Aunt Bea held onto her dignity, refused all assistance and drove out of the ditch under her own power. No kidding, that is one seriously tough truck.

Ignoring the law, Bea hitched a ride anyway.

The trailer was a little spartan, so we spruced it up with this festive mobile made of fuel jugs!

Red paint smears from Pujo! are on every interior surface of the trailer except the floor. Pujo! must have felt like a drumstick in a bag of Shake-n-Bake. (credit to Bret Dodson for the comparison)

"Open other end"

Don't worry about being gentle, guys. WE'VE ONLY WORKED ON THAT CAR EVERY WEEKEND FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS!!!

"For sale, 0ne pace convertible car hauler. Minor cosmetic work required. A real bargain!"

No humans were harmed in the making of this film.


Bill in Kent said...

Merry Christmas anyway guys. I'm glad nobody was hurt. With a foot of snow in our driveway, we haven't driven anywhere for a week.

Berkin said...

Wow! What a sour ending to a long journey!! I'm glad everyone is unharmed.

HellTygr said...

Lingering soreness and one skinned knee is the entire medical catalog.

Find more photos (similar captions) at

rlangis said...

Sacre Bleu! That sucks guys! I've been rooting for you, hope you can take Pujo! to another Lemons event soon.

Kitt said...

Oh no! So glad no one was hurt, but what a huge bummer.

Anonymous said...

It was a real shock to see you standing on the side of the freeway. Glad you are all OK. It was a little scary when the Cherokee went off into the center median while we were standing there.

HellTygr said...
Truck driving out of the ditch under her own power :)

Groove in Kent said...

Best wishes to all your team, I'm glad all of you are safe. I love in Kent to, and I'd love to meet you guys and commiserate the tragedy of the accident. Please contact me at groovechild at gmail dot com.

Katie Kelly said...

Holy smokes. Alan just sent me the link to your blog. I'm very impressed with your humor in times of great duress!

TriumphRacer said...

Thanks Katie! Good to hear from you, it's been a long time. :-)

How else can we look at it except with good humor? We weren't hurt and we didn't die. Regardless of the expense, stuff is replaceable. We cannot adequately describe how happy we are that our 6 year old daughter wasn't with us.