Tuesday, November 25, 2008

As if the car weren't cranky enough...

The local Peugeot enthusiast club somehow caught wind of our project. They took umbrage at our goal of removing a fine French automobile from the street and ruining it on a race track. They were angry enough that the entire membership showed up outside the shop to protest (see picture) they refused to leave unless we promised to restore the car to its former glory as a yard ornament. We were offended and refused outright. Eventually around 4:00 they grew bored (or possibly forgot why they were in someone elses driveway) and toddled off to Denny's to catch the early special off the Honored Citizens menu.

I suspect those eyesore guys tipped them off.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Safety fast

Today we did a lot of safety oriented stuff. Hood pins. Window net. Battery disconnect switch. Oh, and of course adding the official Peugeot "the lion ain't no pussy!" decal. That's important information to anyone close enough to read our rear window.

Scott decided to try to do something about the massive oil leak around the oil pan. As you can see by the picture, Scott is not pleased with the amount of oil, grime and general filth he has to deal with. However he made use of the skills he learned while co-driving with me in my Triumph TR6 for a year. Having raced nothing but clean, reliable Japanese cars before he thought I was joking when I told him of the time honoured British tradition of the annual bolt tightening. Once or twice a year a Triumph owner/operator must climb underneath the car and tighten every bolt and nut or the car simply falls apart. This was the case with the Peugeot's oil pan. He discovered that the bolts holding it to the engine were all at least a quarter turn loose. It would have been... unfortunate if our oil pan fell off at Thunderhill. Not unexpected, but unfortunate.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A scoop, sparks, and more sparks

This past weekend saw the monkeys gathered for some work on the Peujeot. Photo highlights appear below.

Alan took some scrap metal from Sean's machine shop's trash bin and bent up a nice scoop for the intercooler. This required the installation of a hole in the hood.
With the hole installed, Alan pop riveted the scoop to the hood. Firmly affixed and hermeticly sealed, the scoop passed inspection. Doug also generated sparks as cage construction continued.

Sean draws first sparks from Pujo's hood

Alan and his hood scoop - the intercooler thanks him

Looks factory!

Why couldn't this thing be a convertible!?!