Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Team

Sean put together the team from friends from our local autocross community. Mostly, he wanted members he knew would get along well together, drive well, and wrench well. Turns out, everyone brings unique strengths that we believe will combine to create a "perfect storm."

Sean Green: Team Captain. British Car enthusiast, general wrencher, and owner of aerospace machine shop brings access to lots of mills, lathes, power tools, and scrap metal.

Scott Miller: "The Negotiator" Mad wrenching skillz, nice guy, can get into small places, and don't ever sell him something without counting your fingernails afterwards.

Alan Dahl: Rules Lawyer and internet scout- Mr Linky, finder of all things Peugeot-y.

Doug Chase: Owner of Chase Race, specializing in fabricating, roll cages, exhausts, and general wrenching. Fiero Enthusiast, Rally guy, and host of the best annual housewarming party on the planet.

Brent Picasso: Self-appointed Chief of Useless Technology. Founder and Chief Engineer of Autosport Labs.

Ron Bauer: “As seen on TV,” probably our Stig, part-time professional driving instructor and another good wrencher.

Bret Dodson: Currently the driving understudy, ready to jump in if one of our 6 can't make the big show, resident wine snob, PR guy, and crafter best excuses why he has to miss “THIS” week's wrenching party but will surely make the next one.

And of course, Karina, Kelley, Alyson, Jenny, and myself, Cheerleaders and the gals without whom this team could not get off the ground. ;)

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Three Most Important Pieces of Equipment for the Peugeot Owner

From the Peugeot list:
It needs to be said that I have always believed that the most important equipment for the owners of ancient Peugeots is, in increasing order of importance: Automobile Club Membership (one call gets you help); a cell phone with a fully charged battery (Club membership is virtually useless without it) and, lastly, but most importantly, an abiding faith in the benevolence of God.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Beginning

So, Sean was reading Grassroots Motorsports a few months ago, and saw a fun full-page blurb for the 24 Hours of LeMons Race. "This looks fun," he said, as he handed me the magazine. I skimmed the page, and my response flew in the face of wifey-stereotypes everywhere. "Yup, that does look fun honey, you should totally do that!"

This blog will chronicle the adventures of the team he put together, in the team's own words, I may or may not write again. ;)