Monday, December 22, 2008

Did you know Old Man Winter was a Peugeot club member? I didn't.

It would seem that Winter is conspiring against us. Over the last week we have seen, as the weather forecasters put it, "snow event" after "snow event". Temperatures have been in the mid-twenties for 8 days. WTF? We haven't had snow like this in 10 or 15 years! In the Seattle area Summer = warm rain, Winter = cold rain. The forecast is for more of the same through this week.

I'd like to take a moment from my Winter ranting to thank some our sponsors. ACE (Autocross and convertible enthusiasts) have generously donated 3 tires to our cause. Full Throttle Bottles has donated $100 towards race car fuel and a generous discount for whatever be(er)verages we purchase for the trip. ChaseRace built a most excellent roll cage, provided most of the labor on the build and put up with this piece d'resistance taking up huge amounts of shop space for months at a time. Autosport Labs for the lovely racing seat. Sea West Products, Inc. for providing all of the fuel for the tow vehicle. Thanks guys, you've made this project a lot less painful on the pocket book!

A special thank you to the womenfolk for tolerating and abetting this time sucking monster known as Pujo!.

And thank you to all of the Monkeys that have worked their tails off for the past 6-ish months. I guess that makes us apes now. :-)

Brianne's Jetta is resplendent in a lovely thick blanket of snow. Notice the 18" wheels buried almost to the axles.

I thought I parked Sally around here somewhere? Where'd she go?

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