Monday, December 8, 2008

Junk is the trunk

One of the reasons for Pujo! being acquired cheaply was the presence of past crash damage. We're not talking "Oh, it got banged into by a kid in a Civic" type of damage. This Peugeot looks to have been rammed at 60 miles per hour by a brakeless Peterbilt driven by a longhauler trucker coming down from a Benzedrine fueled cross country marathon. This damage has given Pujo! an articulated hind end.
It wiggles when you jiggle.

Sean demonstrated this to me by grabbing the back bumper and lifting up and down. The crack in the picture would visibly open and close! Not good. One tap from an amorous Audi could tuck Pujo!'s tail like a scolded dog. Fortunately we have some good welding skills on our team.
Pujo was a plumber at some time in the past.

The other side wasn't as obvious. But beneath the body filler lurked a similar crack.
Frankentrunk - look beyond the layers of bondo.

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TriumphRacer said...

The trunk is not the only junk. The sheet metal that comprises the floor of the passenger compartment looks as though it's been wadded up like a piece of notebook paper then flattened out again.

Now I understand why the seller didn't want us to turn it into a race car. He knew we would discover how horrible the car was once we stripped it.