Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It begins again...

I registered us for Going for Broken in Reno in May yesterday. 5 months should be sufficient to fix our busted up pug.

Brent and Scott actually made it to Arse-Freeze-Apalooza and were offered a ride in the Dead Smurfs Miata. Many thanks to those guys for adopting our orphaned Monkeys. Sadly they didn't have a chance to win because of an enormous lap penalty. 1200 laps. Wow. Only one car got more and that was only because the owners of the offending Acura demanded it.

Anyway, time for us to dig into Pujo! and see exactly what the damage is. I drove it home but it was obvious it didn't escape unscathed. The suspension definitely suffered. It was noticed on the way home that none of the tires were actually pointing in the same direction. Plenty of negative camber on the drivers front, but the passenger front was showing significant positive camber. The passenger rear for some reason is an inch lower than the drivers rear.

Whatever the diagnosis is, we'll get Pujo! back on his feet.

And then, hopefully, win the index of effluency in Reno. :-)

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Breauxt said...

Yeah! Pujo! is biding time at its own version of Elba. Let's hope Reno is not Pujo!'s Waterloo.