Sunday, December 14, 2008

Logo idea

Now that I've found a material that I can print bumper stickers on Sean suggested that I make up something with a monkey-fied Peugeot logo but I wasn't sure my artistic skills were good enough to do that so I did a little Googling, found a monkey waving a white flag, pasted it on top of a French flag, added a little text and instant logo! Ok it wasn't instant, it actually took me over an hour to do but I think the results are pretty nice. Opinions?


Anonymous said...

Zis monkey is not Frensh and does not represent ze people or ze government of France. However, we are on ze phone with President-Elect Obama at zis moment and when he stops laughing we will continue our “Peace” negotiations with America.

Jean-Louis Borloo

Anonymous said...


Zat is no monkey!, and has not even a Frensh passport! What should we do now? Deport it?

Pierre Vimont