Thursday, November 19, 2009

Garbled Transmissions Part Trois

Okay, that didn't work. We were able to select 1st through 4th and occasionally 5th, but reverse was out of the question. It would appear that some mechanic, the name of whom we cannot disclose, made an error in reassembling the transmission.

Back to the workbench!
We're getting fast at this.

We determined that the motion of the linkage that moves to reverse/5th was limited. Why?
The truth is in there...

Ah hah! The spring and plastic limiter that keeps you from selecting 6th and 7th gears was installed wrong! A quick bit hair-pulling session of puzzling what the correct order is for the spring, shim, washer, plastic chingus, other shim ensued.
Here's the problem!

The linkage resorted, we reassembled the transmission for the last time. We were sure to use plenty of assembly lube to make sure things went together well.
Blood makes great assembly lube.

We properly torqued all the fasteners...
Could it be done?

And tossed it back in the car. We've gotten really fast at this.
Doo dee doo...

Where... IT WORKED! WE FIXED IT!!! And it cost absolutely nothing!


TriumphRacer said...

The transmission worked perfectly at Thunderhill. I never needed 5th, but I used 3rd and 4th a whole lot. The only time it gave me any problem was when I let off the accelerator a little before declutching and loaded up the syncros. It would stick in 3rd then. That gave me an opportunity to employ the little used double clutch technique for shifting from time to time. Which is kind of frustrating if you want to shift quickly.

Anonymous said...

24th of 152 is pretty darn good for a bunch of monkeys. Nice work on the transmission. Way to go team!

Scott "Leadfoot" Miller