Monday, November 16, 2009

Garbled Transmissions Part Deux

Since we have no idea what we're doing care so much about doing the job right, especially when it involves the dark magic of transmissions is a complex job, we thoroughly washed all the pieces of the transmission.
Ain't it purdy?

We initially couldn't determine what was wrong. But, with the gearset out, we noticed the shift selector forks behaving poorly. Turns out that when Hercules made that last shift to third, he managed to send the shifter fork too far along its allowed travel and the little pin that tells the rest of the works, "Hey! I'm in third!" fell out. Here's a shot of the selector forks, the center one is tilted to show the hole that the little pin rides in.

And here's a shot of our troublesome little friend the pin.
say hello to mah leetle friend!

With the little pin returned to its home, we put our transmission back together again.
reassembly is opposite of disassembly

We were very careful to make sure we got the shifting linkage reconnected. It would be a shame to have to take this thing apart again...
So precisely... (yes, the wire on that rod was a race day fix to the shift linkage before we garbooned it into being stuck in third).

All sealed up, we threw the transmission back in the car in about 20 minutes.
Back home again in greasy engine bay...

Now to test it to confirm our repair worked!

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