Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're Goin' for Broken!

We've been accepted into Goin' for Broken in May! With any luck, we'll actually make it to the event in one piece. Hopefully it'll stop snowing by then. We have a new tow vehicle, Aunt Faye, to replace our dearly departed Aunt Bea and I'd rather not risk her health on an icy road to Reno.

Speaking of snow, we were snowed out of a Bremerton Sports Car Club autocross last Sunday (3/15/09, beware the ides of March)fortunately we got a look at the WDOT traffic cams before we bothered leaving the driveway. It was snowing hard at my house, but it wasn't sticking. Bremerton on the other hand got 3 1/2 inches in about an hour and a half. Does Bing Crosby dream of a White St. Patricks day?

1 comment:

Breauxt said...

But have you seen any snakes today? I didn't think so. I guess Bing and St Patrick are on our side.

On a semi-related note: Woo Hoo! We're going to Reno! Do they have snakes there?