Friday, March 13, 2009

Pujo! looses his racing virginity

We took Pujo! out some development flogging at an autocross event in Bremerton.
He's such a sexy beast!

We found the handling to be surprisingly good tolerable and at no point did we scrape any of the door handles on pavement. We did, however, notice a bit of rubbing still happening on the back wheels. They make a loud screeching noise when cornering hard. More sledgehammer and cutting work is called for in the rear.
Right full rudder!

This was a unbelievably freaking cold weather event - yes, that is snow in the picture below. It was part of the WWSCC's Winter Slush Series and you can see that we didn't do too poorly. The inconsistent times tell the tale of intermittent fuel delivery, intermittent electron flow, and screechy tire to fender contact induced throttle lifting. The little penalty numbers? Those speak to driving mistakes.
vroooom pop...putt putt pow vroooom

As regular readers of this blog [are there any?] know, we Cheese Eaters are not big fans of snow. This event allowed us to, as they say, get back on the bouncey, unstable french POS horse.
Freakin' snow, always messin' with our shit!.

Our horse showed off its Franco-Bastardly nature by starving for fuel at inopportune times. We believe the fuel pickup in the réservoir d'essence gas tank was bent in the trailer tumble into the ditch on Christmas Day. A frightening drive to the second nearest gas station temporarily resolved the starvation issue. However, we still had myriad a few electrical gremlins interrupting our combustion events. We enlisted the aid of an English driver to assist in sorting some of these issues. Some say his nipples are positive ground points and he speaks fluent reverse Swahili, all I know is he's called the Stig.
in this case, le Stig.

Now that the first event butterflies is out of the Pujo!'s system, we are looking forward to tuning him for endurance racing success. Team Captain Sean is on top of things and leading the way.
Crossing the Alps on a horse is for wussies, I'm riding a lion!


Matthew said...

People read this...

Breauxt said...

Hi gang, I've reset the link to open bigger images. I'll link the bigger images from here on out. If I find some time, I'll edit my older posts to link to the bigger images on my photosite.

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TriumphRacer said...

Some days you ride the lion, and on others the lion rides you.