Friday, January 16, 2009

Battle damage

Here are some shots of Pujo! apres trailer tumble. This is a tough car; we all expected a wadded up ball of metal to be inside the trailer, most certainly not an angry French Bulldog, ready to drive!

Ouch! We don't need to open the back doors anyway...
After breaking free of the tie downs, Pujo! appears to have impacted his roof against something solid. Trailer wall against ground? Even though the roof is deformed, and the door is pinned shut, the rollcage is not touching any metal it shouldn't.

We won't need that window in Reno.
A quarter window didn't survive, and a valuable piece of exterior trim was damaged.

Pujo! is mooning you!
The ride height is a bit funky in the rear. We'll need to see what's going on here, I'd hate to have the suspension let go during the race. Welding rod is cheap, right?

We in the Chase van were sort of expecting to see pieces start flying off.
While Pujo! did not make it to ThunderHill, he did drive home. Sean reported that the car was a bit on the chilly side as he drove through the snow back to the Monkey House. You can see the missing back window (no it's not just clean) and the dangling right side mirror. We'll need to resolve the mirror - those are handy. I think I saw a couple busted off mirror housings on the express lanes entrance...

The trip from Olympia-ish back to the shop was the longest distance the car has traveled in years and it didn't blow up or catch on fire. We're hopeful that the damage sustained bouncing around the trailer like a mixing ball in a can of Krylon hasn't messed things up too much.


nearshorepaddler said...

Does this mean Pujo! has street cred now?

TriumphRacer said...

It must have street cred. A bunch of kids in a ratty Honda honked at me an gave me a "thumbs up" on the way back from the crash. How much more credible does it get than that?

I thought about making them an offer on their car as a future LeMONS project but the took off in a cloud of blue smoke before I could catch them.

Solracer said...

I was very surprised that nothing more than a big (ok, really big) sledgehammer was all it took to get Pujo! back in racing condition. I had visions of bent suspension pieces and torn transmission mounts but it took only a few minutes to undo the damage, wow!