Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Street Parked: Solid Axle TR4A

Wait a tick, what have we here?

This TR4A materialized one day just down the street from my office.
Parked in front of Seattle's former Model T plant

The TR4 and TR4A are instantly recognizable by their hooded headlights and cool fighter plane-esque hood blister.
The bulge scares the rain away

This appears to be a solid axle TR4A. Most TR4As have independent rear suspension. To appease traditionalist customers and dealers Triumph offered an optional live axle. Is there any other car that offered solid or independent rear suspension as a line item option?. This must have been a frustration to the chassis engineers since the TR4A has a different chassis from the TR4. You identify the live axle cars by the absence of an "IRS" badge on the boot lid and no discernible camber in the rear wheels.
No IRS tramp stamp means added simplicity

Elegant features abound, check out the side marker light!
It looks like a jet powered arrowhead

The headlight styling has never really worked for me. It's unique and stands out, but I have always preferred the look of the TR5 and TR6 headlights.
Did the hood melt over the headlights?

The dash is classic British sports car - Smiths guages scattered across a wood dash.
Love the banjo steering wheel

The profile of this car lived on in the TR5 and TR6. The blister on the door works well with both body styles.
Steel wheels are refreshing
I've only seen this car once and I'm glad I had my camera and caught some picture of it. I love that it is not over-restored to the point of being not drivable. As it sits, it car looks ready to drive to the coast for some surfing.

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