Monday, February 8, 2010

Pujo! and the Technicolor dreamcoat.

After all the abuse that's been heaped on Pujo! over the last 2 years, we decided to be nice to him for a change and give him a new paint job. The best way to describe the last paint job I did is "Epic Fail". Those of you who have been reading for awhile and following our exploits know that in trying to replicate the Peugeot Rally Team stripe scheme, I may have accidentally painted the car like T.C.'s helicopter from Magnum P.I.

As you can see, a new paint scheme has been desperately needed for quite some time. Unfortunately, we've been spending more time sorting out mechanical problems than decorative problems and we never seemed to have the time to paint before a race. This time we have everything almost done and we could no longer ignore "Magnum".
See what I mean? You can't ignore Magnum. Especially with those shorts. Yow.

Initial sanding and masking comlpete.

Prime time! That means it's 9pm and I'm missing my shows!

If this were a '69 Camaro, I'd be done!

Paint that funky Peugeot white, boy.

Scott has the blues. He's trying to fix my catastrophic paint run. Good luck Scott. When I f*** up, I do it properly.

Red backside. Like a baboon, no?

There, much better. As long as you're over 25 feet away.

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Bret said...


It looks even better than I thought it would. And I thought it would look great!