Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A scoop, sparks, and more sparks

This past weekend saw the monkeys gathered for some work on the Peujeot. Photo highlights appear below.

Alan took some scrap metal from Sean's machine shop's trash bin and bent up a nice scoop for the intercooler. This required the installation of a hole in the hood.
With the hole installed, Alan pop riveted the scoop to the hood. Firmly affixed and hermeticly sealed, the scoop passed inspection. Doug also generated sparks as cage construction continued.

Sean draws first sparks from Pujo's hood

Alan and his hood scoop - the intercooler thanks him

Looks factory!

Why couldn't this thing be a convertible!?!


TriumphRacer said...

It was a good day. Sparks and razor sharp sheet metal flying everywhere. No deaths and we only lost a little hearing. A very good day indeed. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sharp metal...yes...I'll still have a scar when we get to Thunderhill. Blood doesn't bother me, but when Alan cried at the site of his first mangled attempt at the hood scoop....man...that really hurt. ;-P

Reverend Scott

Solracer said...

Hey, I am just happy to finally claim victory over the evil hood scoop! :-)