Monday, October 20, 2008


We got a lot of work done on the car today. We have also unanimously decided to name the car "Pujo!".Unnecessary wiring has been removed and the motors and regulators have been removed from the doors. Brent went to town with a Sawsall and the doors are now about 10 pounds each lighter than they were before. Some vacuum issues were discovered in the engine compartment. Apparently French vacuum lines crumble into dust after twenty years. Go figure. The wheels have arrived from Tire Rack so I can start fabricating spacers to allow for the funky Pug offset and bolt pattern. Doug's roll cage is coming along nicely. It'll be SCCA legal when he's done and would be at home in any self respecting World Rally car. Hmmm, I wonder if Jay would consider putting on a LeMons version of the Dakar rally? :-)

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