Thursday, September 25, 2008

Odds and Ends

Just a short post this week. Now that everyone (well Ron and I) is back from Nationals or vacation (Sean + Bri) it's time to get going on the Pug again because time is getting short! Doug has the car now and is working on installing the cage and getting the braking system sorted out. I got the racing pads from Porterfield and I need to get up to Doug's place this weekend so he can install them. Sean is going to measure the hubs off of the black car so he can get going on making the hub adaptors (turns out that Diamond can't make wheels with the backspacing we need to clear the Peugeot calipers) so we can fit some cheap Tire Rack wheels to the car.

Good news on the bypass valve front, with parts from Lowes + McLendon's I can put together everything we need to plumb it in for $25 or so. Probably won't actually install it until we get the car rolling on the new wheels however as I want to use the Dynolicious iPhone software to do some before and after 0-60 runs to make sure it actually helps us like the Peugeot forum guys says it will.

Sean hasn't put out an official call yet but I'm guessing there will be an official or unofficial work party up at Doug's this weekend as we all have a lot to do!

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