Friday, July 11, 2008

A typical email thread

One problem with filling your team with smart asses, is that they tend to digress into ... being smart asses. Today for example, a straight email went out reminding the Monkeys of the work party tomorrow, which, for once, will have 6 out of our 7 teammates in attendance, though possibly not all at the same time.

Doug replies, confirming the start time, which was somehow left off today's email.

Sean: Yes, 10:30 or 11 will be fine. It's not like an Amway business party, so you don't have to show up exactly on time. ;-)

Bret jumps in: What if we bring 3 friends...
Then *they* bring 3 friends...
And then *they* bring 3 friends...
Then after a short period of time:
Sean's house will be annexed by France, we'll all have more junker Pugs than we know what to do with, and everyone's weird cousin who does Amway will be insanely jealous.

Sean: Remember to bring your passports and work visas. You'll have to clear customs at the driveway and you'll have to endure a body cavity search before you return to US territory. Fortunately US customs that will handle that issue. The French Protectorate of Sean and Brianne's House has no interest at all in your body cavities or their contents.

Sean Green, Governor FPSBH.

See what I have to put up with here?

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