Monday, June 9, 2008

Nano spiders

Spiders...why did it have to be spiders?

Obviously, I need to apologize. The spiders are mine, and I put them there on purpose, and here's why: Those aren't just any spiders! Those are French nano-spiders which I liberated from the secret (NOT) Arachnitech facility in Pacific WA. OK, OK ......liberated is to strong a statement, the creepy little things were surrendered to me on request and further more I think they are to big to be called nano. Regardless of how I acquired them or their size I have programed them to begin rebuilding the 505 from the inside out. As I see it there are only one or two issues with this rebuild:

1. The seats will be reproduced with silk coverings and could easily be stained,
2. The rest of the car will also be made of silk or nano-silk,....whatever.

More later,

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